The Space-Saving Feature of Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion or folding closet doors are one option you have if you want your home to have a modern look. The contemporary design of these doors makes them perfect addition to your home decor.

Accordion doors are made of up hinged panels attached on a frame. The typical measurement of each panel is about four inches to five inches. When you open them, they fold back in sections and unfold the same way when you close them. Proper installation of these doors will make it very easy to open even with just a push of your fingers.

Furthermore, accordion doors can be custom-built to fit any interior door size. You are spared of the trouble of altering the door size. Find time to check out online retailers for various designs of accordion doors such as glass, mirrors, plastic or wood. And while you are browsing for a door to buy, make sure that you compare prices to get the best deal. Here is a look at some accordion closet doors that may interest you:

Series 140: Commercial/Residential Custom Wood Folding Accordion Shutter Doors:

This door is ADA-compliant and can be used in both commercial and residential markets. It is finished in one side, folded in less amount of space and remains in place whether in the open or close position. It incorporates the manufacturer’s pin-hinge hardware to ensure durability and strength. This exclusive hardware has a modified handle in swept-wing style. The design of the door takes advantage of the folded door construction. It is suitable for installation in areas where only one side is needed to look good such as closets, utility room or wardrobe areas.

The panels of this door are factory finished and available in vinyl laminate or natural hardwood.

Runwell Accordion Doors:

The dividers and accordion doors manufactured by Runwell are proven to be practical solutions for residential projects that require design flexibility, low cost, durability and maintenance-free. The Runwell doors are designed for constant use and impact. They are maintenance-free because of their double-sided polyester finish. The doors’ heavy gauge steel is prefinished and needs no painting. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth to keep them clean and new looking. These doors are preferred closet choice in government housing projects because steel door panels are extremely durable and maintenance-free.

Small Folding Door Series by Foshan Tianchuang Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd.:

This replacement is made with glass and aluminum frame. It is environmentally friendly and comes in different colors, patterns and sizes. It is heat resistant, break resistant, moisture proofing, corrosion resistant, do not deform and convenient to install. It is also applicable for toilet or shower room.